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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Dorset Fashionista goes to Hawaii

So I am on holiday in the spectacularly beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii and I really could stay here forever. We have been snorkelling amongst a kaleidoscope of coral and tropical fish, swimming with the turtles and have been lucky enough to see humpback whales breaching in front of our boat. Fashion has been very far from my mind all week as we have been living in beachwear and spending most of the time in the pool or the sea. I had started to think I might even be completely cured, until last night when the company Mr Dorset Fashionista works for left vouchers in our room to spend on a new pair of Oakley sunglasses.

Now, I associate Oakley sunglasses with being the brand choice of many sporting pros, so to start with I have to confess to not being overly excited. But as I hadn't been shopping or even looked online for about four days, I decided to have a quick recce on their website. This revealed that the collection of Oakley sunglasses for women feature a huge selection of designs ranging from typically sporty and lifestyle orientated to ultra fashion forward. Even better, if your style preference is more fashionable than sporty, the Women’s Lifestyle Oakley sunglasses include a number of sophisticated and fashionable styles such as chic oversized designs and timelessly stylish aviators, many of which are also available in bold and vibrant colourways.

I do own a pair of Oakleys for skiing (about 10 years old) and I already have aviators (my beloved Ray-Bans), but I was definitely in the market for some oversized sunnies and nearly bought some at Heathrow on the way out. 

The next morning there was a pop up shop in the hotel reception area with all the different Oakley designs for us to choose from and I was one of the first in line. Sure enough, there was a choice of two oversized designs nestling amongst the sporty ones. They were:

Oakley Beckon in Black

Oakley Changeover in Caramel Swirl

After much debating and trying on, I decided to go for the Oakley Changeover in Caramel Swirl. They were slightly more oversized than the Beckon style and I loved their 70s vibe and the different textures of the frame. They are incredibly lightweight and came beautifully packaged in a white leather case.

And here they are being worn this evening for a company dinner with a Whistles midi dress bought from Ebay last summer and Topshop toe post sandals available here. Also with black leather Nat & Nin bag available from Yard

I am hoping they won't be dropped or sat on like the most of the expensive sunglasses I have owned. The big question is - will I ever be able to wear them in Dorset? Has it finally stopped raining?

Finishing as always with an outfit - this one from my first day in Hawaii where I am wearing a very old Topshop denim playsuit, Havannah flip flops and a Cath Kidston bag bought for me by Mr DF for this holiday after he read one of my blogs. Next time can you please get the Mulberry one?

Back soon with more Hawaii outfits!

Abbi x


  1. The Oakley's you got are a fab choice.....I've always associated them with sportier styles but these are really lovely! Hope you are having a super certainly sounds as if you are! x

  2. Very cute indeed - I LOVE the denim playsuit - I need one of those!

  3. Wow - you look amazing in that striped's gorgeous on you. Fab sunnies too. WISH I was in Hawaii's a place I've always wanted to go to. Have an amazing time x

  4. Lol your husband commend just made me laugh. Love the blog and love your style! X