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Monday, 10 March 2014

How have I gone this long without a pair of brogues?

When brogues came back into fashion, at least a couple of years ago, I didn't even give them a second thought, dismissing them as far too masculine looking.

In a complete U-turn, I now think they are the best shoes ever - comfy, smart, classic, dressy and most of all, they will easily transition throughout the seasons. You will never have to pack them away!

However, they can still divide opinion. I asked Mr DF his thoughts on them, a man not usually known for his fashion sense.

His first comment was, 'I think they're a specialty thing.' Anyone know what he means by this? No, me neither. I probed some more and finally got the following:

'They look like a man's shoe. I think you have much nicer things.'

So there we have it. The reason I didn't like them two years ago - they do indeed look quite masculine.

Undeterred, I had a quick look online and saw lots of styles I liked. I decided to go for a pair that was slightly more feminine, if that's possible. A paler colour is definitely a more feminine option and I also think it depends on what you wear with them. I'm imagining mine worn with boyfriend jeans and blazers, but a silk blouse or pastel colour underneath would balance the outfit and make it less masculine looking. I would also wear them with a dress and tights.

Here are a couple of looks I like for styling brogues:

 I wasn't close to making a purchase, but popped into White Stuff in Dorchester on Friday and there they were, the perfect pair, without me even looking. Usually I would try lots on before making a decision, but these were so comfortable and just what I'd had in mind, it was meant to be!

They are the White Stuff Lena Leather Brogue £59.95 in dark Atlantic blue, which is more of a grey blue.

They are surprisingly soft and excellent quality for the price. The design is classic but not at all clumpy. They will go with everything and I have been wearing them all day today and they are still as comfortable as they were this morning. I am so delighted with them. Here I am wearing them for this first time on Sunday, about to go to my youngest son's fifth birthday disco. It was all a bit of a rush and while I think this outfit is ok, I would have preferred a shirt underneath the sweatshirt!

Sweatshirt - American Vintage at Yard, SS14
White Vest - Boden, SS13
Jeans - Maison Scotch at Yard, SS13
Brogues - White Stuff

I now have metallic brogues on my wish list, in rose gold if possible. Thoughts?

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and wearing spring clothes at last! My trench coat post is nearly finished and I will be back with it soon. Also mulling the 30% discount at GAP and the 25% discount at Whistles with Grazia magazine.

Abbi x


  1. I agree Abbi, it's not until your own a pair of brogues you realize what a wardrobe staple they really are!! Lovely style you picked xx

    1. Thanks Michelle, love them but now thinking I should have tried Clarks ones as well! Where are yours from?
      A x

  2. Love them on you. Stop giving me ideas I need to have a month of spending very little!! H x

    1. You should get some! They would look great on you x

  3. I love brogues, perfect for this time of year! Love the colour of these ones. x

    1. So pleased with them, just wondering if I should have gone for a paler colour! X

  4. I love your blog, it is such a trip down memory lane, I used to live in Exeter and my then boyfriend was at Bournemouth so I was always bombing up and down the A3(?) in my clapped out beetle.
    There used to be a great shop in Exeter for designer clothes, hidden away behind Butlers tea rooms, I can't remember for the life of me what it was called.
    I shall keep reading as am keen to see more installments!

    1. Thank you so much! The A35!
      Was the shop in Exeter called Willys on Gandy St? If so, it was one of my fave shops, still miss it!

  5. yes that was it, it's gone, what a shame it was one of my favourites, it was so cool, up there with Browns on south molton street