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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Dungarees - to wear or not to wear?

Dungarees have continued to make a comeback this year although they are the classic Marmite item - you either love them or loathe them.

I have always been a fan, they are comfortable and stylish, and allow you to be practical while having a bit of an edge. They are a tricky trend to pull off for sure, but I thought it would be fun to try them! They are actually surprisingly easy to wear,  just add a Breton tee and sandals or a pair of converse for the weekend.

I spotted a pair in the NEXT directory a few weeks ago and when I was ordering some school uniform for the boys I decided to give them a go. I've waited ages to wear them as it's been too hot, but this weekend they made their debut at the beach (worn here with a dark green and cream striped tee from Whistles about three years ago):

And again on a walk with the family (worn with a tee from Zara from last summer and Birkenstocks):

I've had fairly mixed comments about them so far. My five year old said they look 'really bad' but I'm not sure he was really listening. My seven year old said they make me 'look like a little girl'. Always nice to look younger, but not really what I was aiming for. Mr DF laughed and said they make me look like a builder and then said 'they are not very feminine'. Actually you can make them more feminine by wearing with heels and putting a blouse underneath instead of a tee, but I am sticking with the more relaxed look. My Mum really liked them, and she will always give me an honest answer, so I felt confident enough to leave the house!

If you are thinking of dipping your toe into this trend, I would advise getting a cheaper pair as dungarees are not something you'll wear ever day! My NEXT ones don't seem to be online anymore, but these from New Look are very similar:

Dark Blue Denim Skinny Dungaree £26.99

I also love this summery striped pair from Zara, now only £9.99 from £39.99

Striped Dungarees

And new  in at Mango, a distressed pair in dark denim:

Dark Denim Dungarees £54.99

So what do you think - more farmer than fashionista or does it sort of work?

Abbi x


  1. I think they look fab on other people but they're definitely not me! Yu look great in yours, Abbi, and I like them with both tees. Great with your Birkies too! Lynne xx

  2. I tried some dungarees on in Primark but I came away with a boiler suit instead!! They look great on you xx

  3. Not for me, I think you look great, but they are definitely a marmite item.x

  4. They look really nice on you. My daughters have them and look fab in them but they will always remind me of being pregnant in the late 80's which was the last time I wore any! xx

  5. I think you really suit them Abbi. You go girl x

  6. Ha ha, yes they were maternity wear for me too in 1990, not a look I want to repeat! First denim dungarees were worn by me in 1978, I used the bib for a collection of seaside themed badges, go me !!

  7. These are great on you and I agree that they are best kept casual.

  8. I love them on everyone else but not sure how they would look on me! I should give them a go! Ax