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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Spree vs Steal: Biker Boots

So, yesterday I shared my first transitional purchase of the season, the duster coat, and today I'm revealing the first item on my autumn wish list - biker boots! I usually end up buying a pair of boots every winter - last year it was the Ash Jalouse ankle boots in dark grey, which I am beyond pleased with, and have recommended to lots of friends who now love them as much as I do.

This year, I want something completely different, and have set my sights on a pair of black biker boots, after seeing these in the Hush catalogue:

Woven Biker Boot £225

They are practical and would work with so many outfits - I would wear them with jumper/sweater dresses and floaty short skirts, to give something feminine a more edgy look for daytime, and with skinny jeans and a chunky jumper/cardigan. I also love them with a parka, like in this picture from Pinterest:

In fact, I think I will wear them more than any of my other boots, as I don't have any flat black ones apart from long boots which I am not so keen on at the moment and didn't wear at all last year. (I would also like some Chelsea boots, but that can be a story for another day, number one is definitely biker boots).

So, I love the Hush biker boots, particularly the detail on them - but they are expensive, even with the 10% off code, and I may have already ordered a couple of things from Hush, which I will share at a later date, mainly because they haven't arrived yet! So while mulling them over I happened to see these in Zara, which I also like:

Quilted Leather Low Biker Boot £89.99

A much better price, and I think I like them almost as much. What do you think? Have you seen any others? If so, please let me know!

Finishing with what I was wearing yesterday to go to my cousin's for the day - the boys had a wonderful time on their bikes and digging up her vegetable garden!

Sweatshirt - Whistles (SS14)
Shirt - Maison Scotch at YARD (AW14)
Boyfriend Jeans - True Religion (SS14)
Victoria Pumps at YARD (SS13)

Abbi x


  1. I have a tan pair of biker boots which I've had gorgeous years and love. I have many pairs of boots, and like you, I normally buy a new pair (or two) each year. Not decided what yo go for this year yet (probably because I don't really need any!). Lynne x

  2. I would splurge on the biker boots Abbi as they will go on for years and so will be a great investment! I've bought some Nine West ones about 8 years ago and they still come out every winter! xx

    1. Just when I'd got my head around getting the Zara ones you say that to me! Haha. If I'm going to splurge I need to see what else is out there!
      A xx

  3. I spied the Hush ones too Abbi, they're lovely but a bit pricy! I have a couple of pairs of biker boots & I live in them in the colder months. It might be worth hanging on to see what else comes into the shops over the next few weeks (hopefully we won't be in boots for a little while yet!!). x

    1. You're right, I need to wait! If you see any let me know!
      A x

  4. I've had a pair of biker boots for a few years, they come out every season so a good investment. Both pairs are really nice, love the quilting on them x

  5. Love the hush ones.....sorry! Helen xx

  6. This was me last year Abbi! I ended up with a fab leather pair from New Look! Clarks have a great pair in too which I love the look of! Ax