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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Obsession: Stan Smiths

Most of the time I am quite an impulsive shopper (weak in other words!) but every so often a trend will come along that I will really take my time to decide on. So I've thinking about getting some Stan Smiths, ever since they were re-released by Adidas at the start of this year, but I wasn't sure they were me, so it's been a very up and down relationship so far. But now it's definitely on, and even though I am way behind as usual, it looks like they are here to stay and I have become totally obsessed!

Here are the Pinterest images that I've been collecting:

An easy to look to copy, with boyfriend jeans, slouchy tee and blazer:

Such a modern look when paired with a classic trench coat:

And incredibly chic worn with all black:

Another fab look with leather trousers:

Love this slouchy, layered look in neutral tones:

And they look just as good worn with skirts:

And my favourite, with wide legged trousers:

I have only had them for a couple of weeks, but already love how they go with everything, and obviously they are both practical and comfy, a huge bonus for the school run and the general dashing around that I do. And I am wearing them so much it basically makes them free!

Here I am wearing them wearing them this week:

 Duster Coat: Topshop AW14                                         
 Trainers: Stan Smiths                                         
 Navy Knit Top: Zara SS14                                                  
 Jeans: True Religion SS14                                                    
 Backpack: Mint Velvet AW14

So what do you think? Are you a fan or not?
Let me know in the comments!

Abbi x


  1. Replies
    1. I have! I posted today as well!

    2. How funny, I am really wondering what took me so long - they are a no brainer!
      A x

  2. They look gorgeous on you!! Love them with the check coat. Must admit I wear mine nearly every day, love em!

    1. You had a big part in persuading me, every time I saw you in them I wanted to click the button! X

  3. I succumbed too! Have hardly taken them off since I got them!! They look fab with your coat Abbi! xx

  4. Love them on every one else, especially like how you have styled it with the check coat. x

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE - I now need this colour (as well as the green I have)!

  6. They look fab on you but they're just not me sadly. Lynne x

  7. Gorgeous with that coat Abbi, so bloody stylish! I won't say never after ending up with New Balance!

  8. Was a no to begin with, but my resolve is starting to dissolve, I need Stan in my life.
    Sue x

  9. Absolutely love them Abbi & you've styled them perfectly! x

  10. I think they are great and I love the way you have styled them. I must admit that I haven't tried them, yet, but I might on my next shopping adventure. H x