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Monday, 27 October 2014

Style Trend: Faux Fur Coats

Faux fur is one of the biggest trends for autumn/winter 2014 and it was literally everywhere on the high street when I went shopping last week, from coats to jackets, bags and even shoes. A couple of months ago I had my heart set on a faux fur coat, especially after seeing a picture of this gorgeous one from Whistles, I thought it looked very old Hollywood glamour and the lilac colour gave it a vintage feel:

Kumiko Faux Fur Coat £275

When I finally saw it in real life it didn't quite live up to my expectations. It's a beautiful coat, but I didn't feel it was special/different enough from some of the less expensive ones around. I also knew I wouldn't get the wear out if it to justify such an expensive price tag. I'd love one to wear with evening outfits over the party season, and although I would wear it dressed down with skinny jeans and biker boots, I could see it was only going to be an occasional coat. So, I decided I wouldn't get one at all, until my Mum casually mentioned that she'd bought one last year from Marks & Spencer (she's so fashion forward!) and had hardly worn it and I could have it for the winter. What a result, the perfect solution! Here I am trying it on, not necessarily what I would wear it with, just what I happened to be wearing when she dropped it off:

Faux Fur Coat - Marks &Spencer AW13
Black Jeans - Mint Velvet AW13
Black Boots - Jigsaw (Ancient)

So, let's have a look at what Marks & Spencer have on offer this year. First up this classic black one, actually the best black one I've seen:

Faux Fur Coat £89

And very chic in cream:

Faux Fur Coat £89

And this one from ASOS was in and out of my online basket as I love the stripes and think it would look fab with an all black outfit:

ASOS Faux Fur Coat in Mono Stripe £85

ASOS has a really great selection, I also love the vintage look of this fur coat:

ASOS Vintage Faux Fur Longline Coat £90

And a shorter one in a gorgeous grey colour:

ASOS Vintage Faux Fur Coat £70

There are lots of leopard fur coats around, these are my favourites, although I can't do this much leopard myself, but do think they look amazing on other people:

River Island Faux Fur Leopard Jacket £100

And this one is such a fantastic price and is as good as some of the more expensive ones:

New Look Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat £41 from £54.99

Topshop also has some gems, starting with this black one:

Crushed Faux Fur Throw On Coat £125

And for a real statement fur coat, I absolutely love the colours on this patchwork one:

Topshop Patchwork Faux Fur Throw On Coat £89

So, are you embracing the fur coat trend or do you already have one? If you don't like faux fur coats, look out for my post later this week on fur accessories!

Abbi x


  1. I've been eyeing up faux four costs for a while now but I'm not sure I can carry one off. You look fab in yours, how kind is your mum? Lynne xx

  2. I love the one your mum handed over to you actually! And yes, I've really struggled with the fur coats this season - I really did want one and I have come close but somewhere along the way, I've always found something not quite right about each one I've tried on so I'm on the point of giving up now. I do have to say, there have been some impressive faux fur offerings on the High Street this winter and you're right, some of the higher prices are not always warranted.

    1. I was exactly the same, just couldn't find one that was perfect, a lot of them are a weird fit too! Sales maybe?! A x

  3. You lucky, lucky girl, it's gorgeous. Let's hope your mum doesn't see this post, she'll be wanting it back. I'd decided not to buy a fur this year as I have a few in my wardrobe but ohhhh it's so hard when there are so many beautiful ones around x

    1. I think there will be gazillions of them on the sale rail in Jan! A xx

  4. Now that is a fab steal from your Mum!! I REALLY would love one but not found one that suits me, I think yours is perfect, for me it's all about the right length

    1. It's very hard to find the right one - I hadn't tried one on that I preferred to Mums!
      A x

  5. I love a bit of fur! The coat your mum has gifted you is gorgeous! I love the ASOS shorter style.....but I already have a couple of fur coats so I daren't add another this season!! xx

    1. Well she's only leant it to me, but she doesn't have much chance of getting it back! A x

  6. You look gorgeous Abbi, good old mum! I love that long vintage asos one and also the black and white stripe x